Multi-Family Housing

Rexis has modeled and coordinated over 2.7 million square feet of multi-family housing projects totaling over 4,000 units and over 400 stories.

167 Chrystie St (New York, NY)

167 Chrystie St was a new 16 story, 44 luxury units, 75,000 sqft building in New York, NY. Melinda completed coordination by taking the engineers design intent model and performing clash detection and making modifications to work through all issues. Some issues required design changes where webex meetings were held with the architect and engineer to resolve these conflicts. Rexis was hired first by the owner to do design coordination, then by the construction manager to do final subcontractor coordination. (Nexus Development)

Credit to ODA Architects

St Lucy’s Church, Rectory, and Shelter (Jersey City, NJ)

Contracted to scan existing conditions of 3 buildings on the church grounds, Rexis completed the internal and external scan and model of all 3 buildings and located them virtually based on survey points.  The model was set to a level 300/400 for the exterior and basic interior components. The intent was to capture historic preservation information as well as document for design purposes. The buildings are being demolished except for 20’ from the street facades to superimpose a new residential tower in Jersey City, NJ. (Arc Building Partners)

Boulevard @ West River (Tampa, FL)

Boulevard @ West River in Tampa, FL was a series of 3 apartment towers, 8 stories each for a total of 456,500 sqft and 371 affordable housing units. There was only an architectural model provided that wasn’t 100% complete, so a structural model as well as all MEP/FP files were modeled and coordinated. There were issues with stacks and beams, and fire proofing. These issues required alternate designs to accommodate the MEPs. The 3 buildings were built simultaneously and needed coordinated quickly. Weekly meetings were held with the CM, architect, engineer, to resolve design issues. Once subcontractors were on board, they were given the coordinated files to use as their initial shop drawings (Suffolk Construction).

Credit to BDG Architects

Evergreen Lofts (Buffalo, NY)

A five-story vacant building was purchased and turned into 56 apartments for Evergreen. The design team had the building scanned for existing conditions and scans were used to coordinate all trades around. The wood and brick structure posed issues with retrofitting new Mechanical systems for the units. The short floor to floors and different roof constructions were all items the scan helped show for proper coordination. Systems were then coordinated and some redesigned to fit within existing wood structure that varied in distances apart. Without coordination, the mechanical systems would not have fit in areas of the existing building. (LPCiminelli)

2461 Broadway (New York, NY)

2461 Broadway is a 19 story 57 unit new luxury apartment building which is a steel and concrete structure. There are two cantilever floors with large transfer beams which provided challenges with coordination. Rexis did the plumbing modeling and the coordination for 2461 Broadway, which also had multiple redesigns during coordination, including raising kitchen ceilings and combining units to make larger apartments. The project also had a pool on the roof which provided other logistic challenges. The project is set to be completed 2022. (Proto P&G)

Credit to ODA Architects

1159 River Ave (Bronx, NY)

This 19 story building is an affordable housing project that had 245 apartments. The challenges on this project were tight floor to floor heights and high ceilings being requested in the community and retail spaces. Rexis provided modeling and coordination to help solve the issues prior to construction working with the construction manager and the subcontractors to finalize shop drawings and 3D models to use during construction. (Joy Construction)

Credit to Aufgang Architects

1164 River Ave (Bronx, NY)

This 17 story building was a 2 part project consisting of building A and building B totalling 274,000 sf, 250 units, and one of the largest recent developments in South Bronx. The buildings were essentially mirro copies of each other. The challenges on this project were tight floor to floor heights and TI spaces which we had no program area for when completing building A and had brought a school on board fo building B. There was a temporay hold while the design for the school on building B was complete. Rexis provided modeling and coordination in conjunction with the subcontractors to aid in value engineering electrical feed systems showing how that would impact the coordination as well as working to solve the normal coordination issues on the job. The new school gym provided some coordination issues with large concrete transfer beams underneath unit bathrooms which were solved with the engineer and architect. (Joy Construction)

Credit to Aufgang Architects

108 Downing Street (Brooklyn, NY)

Rexis was hired by the developer to do design coordination on 108 Downing street. This is an 8 story 55,837 sf, 50 unit apartment building that was a concrete structure. The project had a few transfer beams on the 6th floor that ended up being raised a few inches to allow for more height for coordination and living spaces. The biggest challenge was the drop slabs on the 1st floor that made minimum heights in the cellar above the water service room and kept minimal heights in the service corridors. (Big Apple Developers)

Credit to Aufgang Architects

373 East 183rd Street (Bronx, NY)

Twin Parks new 14 story mixed use building is 162,063 sf and 182 units in the Bronx. The building had limited floor to floor heights so maintaining ceiling heights was the challenge and making the transfers on the floors work within bathrooms, kitchens, and soffit areas. The building is set on a 36” MAT slab so coordinating the plumbing slopes within the MAT slab and where they cut into the cellar of the building were issues that also needed to be worked out through the coordination process. There was also a terrace on the 7th floor that had a step down in the slab causing other coordination and ceiling height problems that were able to be solved and maintain ceiling heights by rerouting and revising layouts with the architect. (Joy Construction)

Credit to Aufgang Architects

2314 Jerome Ave (Bronx, NY)

The Jerome Ave project was a renovation project where a 3D laser scan was completed of the interior and the design modeled with the existing condistions to work out issues with the design and coordination. There were issues with risers over concrete beams and heights with duct crossing underneath and sloped pipe which were resolved using the point cloud, models, and working closely with the engineer. Systems had some redesign to maximize ceiling heights/access head room and resolve layout issues. The prject was an 8 story multi-family shelter housing project. (Slate Property Group)

909 Tremont St (Bronx, NY)

Tremont Street project was 119 unit, 13 story apartment building in the Bronx that was a concrete structure and had large transfer beams on the 1st level. The major beam for the building was underneath 7 bathrooms on the residential units. We had to coordinate going through and around these beams to maximize clearance height on the 1st floor retail space. The architect worked closely to make sure we maintained the design concept while changing things to fit with the coordination. (SD Builders)

Credit to Aufgang Architects

UnionSquare (New York, NY)

The Unionsquare project was a new steel and concrete structure in the heart of New York that was a multi-use facility. There were different levels that provided challenges with getting MEPs to the community spaces because of the large steel transfer beams in place. Rexis was hired by the Architect to work through the coordination issues with MEP to maintain spaces and ceiling heights that were requested by the owner. The steel structure was the largest challenge to work around because of the height restrictions on the towers. (Aufgang Architects)

Credit to Aufgang Architects

546, 535/537 Atlantic Ave (Brooklyn, NY)

The two towers at 546 and 535 Atlantic totaled 44 units and an 11 story and 5 story tower. These are higher end apartments that had fully ducted systems making coordination difficult with ceiling and floor heights. Rexis modeled the archtiectural and structural elements then managed the coordination between the trades to ensure everything fit properly. There were changes that were made throughout the process that affected coordination and changed several floors. Ceiling heights needed to be adjusted in areas to provide concealment of MEP systems that were missed in the design. Some were able to be relocated to have less soffits than necessary. The coordination process worked out these issues that would have been rework in the field and become change orders. (Sterling Town/Telemiv)

Credit to Issac and Stern Architects

30th Street Apartments (Astoria, NY)

The 30th street apartments in Astoria is a 7 story building for affordable housing that was very tight floor to floor heights. The biggest issue with this project were the condensate lines coming from the roof to the units. With the length restrictions from Daiken, we had to model and path each line to confirm if the unit and line worked or if it needed to be upsized to service the unit. The project had 198 units to route and to organize unit locations on the roof to minimize distances to units. The other issue was that the condensates running in the corridor needed to be in a rated enclosure minimizing the space we had for other trades. (SD Builders)

Credit to Aufgang Architects


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