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Western New York Ear, Nose & Throat was officially formed in 1988. While the practice has grown both in size and services offered, the focus on providing the WNY community with comprehensive care focused on the patient has remained constant and unwavering.

In 2016 Drs. Natalka Stachiw and Michael Cipolla officially purchased the practice and set out to build on the foundation of superior care established. In 2018, Western New Your Ear, Nose & Throat relocated its offices to 3670 South Benzing Road, Orchard Park. This move allowed the practice to invest in building a space to accommodate growth as well as new state of the art facilities to ensure the best possible care for patients.

In 2019 Drs. Natalka Stachiw, Michael Cipolla and Dr. Raymond Paolini initiated talks about coming together to take the next step in offering comprehensive ENT care in WNY. Dr. Paolini had worked as a solo practitioner for years and had established a superior reputation in the northtowns. With his decades of experience in both medicine and practice ownership, Dr. Paolini and his expert support staff from ENT Care of WNY were a natural fit for the growing practice. The physicians shared a common ideology around patient care and a vision to create a truly comprehensive ENT practice in WNY.

In 2022, after three years of planning the physicians officially merged the practices to provide better patient access, enhanced capabilities and focused resources to continue to grow. Shortly after merging the practices Dr. Heather Crabtree joined the practice in October 2022.

Western New York Ear, Nose & Throat remains 100% owned and operated by the physicians who treat patients each day. The physician-owned model allows for physicians and caregivers to offer patients the care and attention they deserve. Today the practice has become an area leader for ENT care with a comprehensive offering including in-office procedures, audiology and allergy services offered at three convenient locations from a dedicated team of medical professionals. The physician leadership is supported by a team of highly skilled and dedicated clinical support and administrative staff focused on the patient experience and growing the services offered.

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Current POWER OUTAGE IN ORCHARD PARK. Power is estimated to be restored to Orchard Park at 3:15 PM today.  All phone calls should be directed to the Williamsville location until power is restored.