Ossicular Chain Reconstruction

Ossicular chain reconstruction is a surgical procedure that repairs the middle ear bones or ossicles. The three bones of the ossicular chain are located in the middle ear space and transmit sound from outside the body to the inner ear. When these bones are damaged or missing, hearing loss can occur due to impairment of sound transmission.

A surgeon will replace or reconstruct the ossicles using bone, cartilage, and prosthetic devices during ossicular chain reconstruction. This procedure can help restore hearing in patients with damaged ossicular chain bones. And may reduce symptoms associated with conductive hearing loss caused by middle ear damage.

Who is a candidate for Ossicular Chain Reconstruction?
Typically, candidates for this procedure have conductive hearing loss caused by damage to the ossicular chain. Those with chronic middle ear infections, congenital malformations, or traumatic injuries, such as acoustic trauma or temporal bone fractures may also benefit from Ossicular Chain Reconstruction surgery.

How is Ossicular Chain Reconstruction surgery performed?
During the procedure, your otologist will make an incision behind the ear and remove any remaining fragments of the ossicles. The surgeon may need to reconstruct or replace the ossicles with prosthetic devices or cartilage harvested from other parts of your body. In some cases, bone grafts may also be used. The surgeon will then place the reconstructed ossicular chain back into the middle ear and close the incision.

What is the recovery process for Ossicular Chain Reconstruction?
Recovery time from ossicular chain reconstruction can take two to four weeks, depending on the patient’s health and the type of surgery. Patients may experience discomfort or swelling around the incision and may be prescribed antibiotics to manage discomfort. Most patients can return to their normal routine within a few weeks.

Is Ossicular Chain Reconstruction right for me?
Ossicular chain reconstruction surgery can be an effective treatment for certain ear conditions. To determine if this procedure is right for you, speak with your provider at WNY ENT to discuss your options.


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