In-Office Sinus Procedures

The doctors at WNY ENT are well-versed on all the latest technologies and medical devices to treat your sinus conditions in a safe and most effective way. This would include:

    • CT navigation for complex cases
    • Steroid implants to be placed at the time of your procedure to improve outcomes and healing
    • In office minimally invasive procedure

For sinus conditions, we offer in-office minimally invasive procedures such as:

    • Balloon Sinuplasty: certain patients who have minimal sinus disease but narrowing of the sinus drainage passages are candidates for in- office ballooning of the sinuses. This is performed using local anesthesia and pre procedure pain medication given orally. This prevents the need for general anesthesia, blood work and excessive cost associated with outpatient surgery. While not all patients are candidates for this procedure, this is an option for many patients. This also allows for quick return to work or other activities.
    • VivAer for treatment of nasal airway obstruction – Learn More
    • RhinAer for treatment of chronic runny nose – Learn More
    • Clarifix for treatment of chronic runny nose – Learn More
    • Latera Implant for treatment of nasal airway obstruction – Learn More



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